Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Planking, leggings, and sagging

We go through so many fads and phases growing up. Once upon a time, hammer pants,high top fades, jeri curls (the wetter the better) and big ole gold chains were all the rage. Like with most fads and phases, they either progress or they fall out style and are left behind (anyone remember 8 ball jackets?). Fads and phases and styles normally reflect the current feelings of the people in some sort of fashion. 8 ball jackets were popular during the boom of crack, hammer pants were whats up during the Mc Hammer reign of music, jeri curls... well those I never understood, but they were being worn when I was around. Games like hide and go seek, rock teacher and Mr Freeze were what I played as a kid, and believe me, those were good times. And when the Nintendo came out...Super Mario brothers, omg omg omg!

Like I said prior, Things either progress or simply fall out of style and existence. Video games for example, look NOTHING like they do now, they've advanced. We've traded high tops for low fades, and jeri curls for dreadlocks and "natural" styles (imo its not natural, its just nappy). When I was in high school, we sagged our pants a pinch. As a matter of fact, we sagged our pants JUST ENOUGH to show the name on the bands of our underwear (Tommy Hillfiger was the ish around this time). Lets fast forward to today and we have...

this. Yeah, um, im not 100% sure how we got to this, but like I said, things progress. started in the prison system. Ive personally never did any time, but I have it on good authority (people who have done long terms in prisons like Statesville, Joliet, and Pontiac) say this is worn by the fellas who either were looking to be someones "bitch", or were already someones "bitch"., in other words available for prison sex in one form or another. Or, they were on suicide watch (normally from being raped and not wanting to live with the fact) and the prison didnt want to see them hanging from their belts the following morning. Some may say "naw mayne, we just dressing how whatever rapper is dressing, its a style dawg". I listen to rap, and most rappers either are, or claim to be, felons long before they began rapping.  The movie Notorious, about the rapper Biggie Smalls, showed that that's where he had the time to develop his awesome lyrical skills, inside his cell. Speaking of progression, we went from

You may be saying "naw bruh, we dress like this cuz we tryna "catch". Ive also seen prostitutes dressed like this because they too were trying to "catch".

Earlier I mentioned video games, and games I played in my younger years, and progression. So instead of those simple games like red light green light, IT and games of that nature, the youth (and grown ups as Ive noticed) are planking.

Planking started here ,in case you didn't know. Look at them, stiff as a board, for hours, nay, days on end.

I also mentioned hairstyles before didn't I? Back in the day did women wear their hair different colors, sure did. If you look at the pic of Salt n Peppa, they wore blond and I'm just about sure they weren't born blond,lol. Again, there is progression, fast forward and we have
and all sorts of fire engine, kool-aid reds, honey blonds, hill street blues and all sorts of other colors.

 To get to the point, everything has a beginning before it gets to us, like the bible says, there is nothing new under the sun Biblical reference.   If you re not gay, why dress in ANYWAY thats remotely synonymous with being gay? Sure, it may not be as androgynous as The artist formerly known as Prince (or whatever he calls himself now), but its still associated with homosexuality. If you re not looking to sell your body, why dress like the hookers that do? As a man, ill tell you, you will "catch" my eye, but my attention isn't on YOU, its on your BOOTY/BODY. Unlike women, men can, and often times will, separate sex from emotion. Why are you wearing that extreme a color on your head, do you really need that kind of attention? What successful person have you seen with hair that color or colors? Stop representing someone else and represent YOU. So, instead of following the latest fad, craze or phase, lets really sit back a second and say to ourselves "do I want to do this, and find this fun or interesting, is this who I am or how I want to represent myself, or am I just following the crowd?"

If you do realize that you are indeed following the crowd, realize that society and the world as a whole is progressively getting worse, not better,and you don't have to follow it and the rest of the people into oblivion. Don't want to be left alone, you have Jesus who will be with you closer than a brother Biblical Reference, should you choose to accept him. Don't know what to do, Jesus can show you his PERFECT will for your life, he knows what you re good at Biblical Reference. At the end of the day ladies and gents..STAND FOR SOMETHING, OR FALL FOR ANYTHING.